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The primary output of the RISK-IR project will be scientific evidence in the form of peer reviewed scientific papers. Following the FP7 Open Access Publication Pilot Policy, this section of the website is intended to compile full-text links to resulting publications.


RISK-IR funded publications

Due to the recent start of the project, at the moment there are no publications to be displayed.


Other relevant publications

Kodama Y, Noda A, Booth C, Breault D, Suda T, Hendry J et al. International workshops: radiation effects on mutation in somatic and germline stem cells. International Journal of Radiation Biology 2012; 88(6): 501-506. [Abstract]

Raj K, Bouffler S. DoReMi stem cell and DNA damage workshop. International Journal of Radiation Biology, 2012; Early Online: 1–6. [Abstract]



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