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The RISK-IR team takes every opportunity to disseminate the project and its results. For this reason it is also foreseen that the RISK-IR consortium will participate in a variety of events.

Please see below a list of events we have attended with links to relevant documents.

May 2014, RISK-IR 1st Periodic Meeting (Leiden)

For the first time a unique combination of stem cell researchers along with specialists having a background in radiobiology that is related to radiation protection have been brought together to work on the RSIK-IR project. Achievements over the last 18-months were reviewed and future prospects discussed:

  • Demonstration of stem cell sensitivity in vitro and in vivo to doses in the range 10-100 mGy in a range of tissue types
  • Development of unique models of iPS in which to explore in more detail the role of radiation reprogramming
  • Indication of non-linear dose responses in hematopoietic stem cells, characterised by a dose range showing hypersensitivity in terms of cytotoxicity
  • Indication that even low dose exposures can contribute to stem cell exhaustion
  • Early proof of principle work on cell fate trading models to investigate radiation effects.

In many cases there is a requirement for further the replication of findings in order to ensure biologically robust phenomena are being investigated. Never the less, a large volume of data on stem cell responses to low doses is starting to accumulate. These results are relevant to the issues of:

  • Stem cell identity (and later target cell identity)
  • Stem cell sensitivity
  • Differences in response between stem cells from different tissues
  • The influence of age on responses to radiation.

In addition to building confidence regarding the evidence generated through replication and the confirmation of findings, RISK-IR expects to develop a conceptual framework in which to integrate the data in terms of impact on radiation carcinogenesis after low dose exposures. This is expected to be the focus of an ‘integration workshop’ scheduled for April 2015.

As part of the programmes dissemination strategy, a specially convened Young Scientist Session empowered scientists progressing along the earlier parts of their career paths to compare notes, present findings and refine presentation skills within their own peer group.

SAC members were also present at a specially convened PMG that facilitated a review of the methodologies and strategies for the RISK-IR programme as well as defining aspects to be considered at the Integration Workshop noted earlier above.

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