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The RISK-IR team takes every opportunity to disseminate the project and its results. For this reason it is also foreseen that the RISK-IR consortium will participate in a variety of events.

Please see below a list of events we have attended with links to relevant documents.

December 2012, RISK-IR initial meeting (kick-off meeting)

The start of an EC project is an important opportunity for those involved to develop a deeper understanding of the work to be carried out and how the different elements relate to each other. In this context we hoped that this first meeting of the RISK-IR consortium helped to achieve the following objectives:

  • Introduce all partners.
  • Allow partners to discuss planned work and possibilities for sharing facilities/infrastructures.
  • Identification of any areas of overlap in planned scientific work and identify solutions acceptable to all involved.
  • Introduce Scientific Advisory Committee members and identify how the Committee will support the project.
  • Provide information on administrative matters.
  • Provide an overview of the project to EC.
  • Hold the first meeting of Project Management Group and Scientific Advisory Committee.

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